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The Hollywood IT Society (HITS) is a community of IT Technologists representing the Studios of the MPAA and supporting information technology partners which includes (1) MPAA member studios (and other significant non-MPAA member studios), (2) Supporting key media services providers, (3) Software vendors, and (4) Services firms.

Organized under the aegis of the Media and Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA), which represents the service and technology solution providers, the Society embraces the entire entertainment industry consisting of Film Studios, TV Networks, Home Entertainment Divisions of Hollywood Studios, Video Game Publishers and Music Labels.

Birth of HITS

HITS was born out of the need to address the challenges of Information Technology to enable transformation of the entertainment industry, achieve cost reductions through IT strategies, enable migration to the digital world of entertainment and enhance the effectiveness of its member organizations. It is believed that IT is the lifeline of the supply chains of the physical media as well as of digital delivery of content and must ensure its IP protection and security of information. Ensuring sustainability of the environment is an IT concern as well.

Situational analysis of IT in the entertainment industry confirms that (1) IT cutbacks are prevalent, (2) IT resources are constrained, (3) IT services have become commodities in DVD, (4) about $1.5 billion has been spent last in the last 5 years on IT solutions by studios and major service providers, and (5) Digital distribution is emerging and synergies amongst Film, TV & Home Entertainment divisions remain to be achieved where monetization of digital assets remains a challenge.

Founding Members of HITS are Chris Palmer (Vice President and Divisional CIO, Warner Home Video); Gary Davis (Vice President, Image Entertainment), Jeff Mirich (Senior Vice President & CIO & Studio Antipiracy, Disney); Jerry McGlynn (Acting CIO, The Walt Disney Studios); John Herbert (CIO,Twentieth Century Fox), Marcela Bailey (Vice President, Divisional CIO, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment); Mary Kane (Vice President, Applications, Paramount), Rick Hopfer (Former CIO, Sony Pictures), Steve Lapinski (Senior Vice President, IT, Universal Pictures and Park), Theresa Miller (Senior Vice President, IT, Lionsgate Entertainment); Steve Andujar (CIO, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment); and, Tanya Tallino (Vice President, Twentieth Century Filmed Entertainment).


While there are numerous IT groups and conferences, what distinguishes HITS from others is that it is specifically a Studio-centric Entertainment industry effort, providing a unique platform for sharing solutions in non-competitive areas. It is able to achieve synergies amongst divisions of Studios – Motion Pictures, TV and Home Entertainment Divisions — and has the combined strength through collaboration to drive industry solutions for the physical as well as the digital world of entertainment.

The founding member companies of HITS believe significant opportunities exist to address the systematic challenges and business opportunities of the integrated and automated entertainment enterprise including:

• Supply chain processes

• Production workflows

• Asset management and

• Distribution of digital entertainment content

The primary activities of HITS are regular Meetings and an Annual Conference, with webinars, research and special interest groups to be planned in the future.


As facilitated by MESA, members meet at the Variety offices every 6 to 8 weeks for a two-hour breakfast to identify problems and opportunities, present solutions and develop game plans for pursuit that will make a difference in the efficacy of the supply chain of the industry. The presentations are made by studios as well as service providers.


The Media & Entertainment Services Alliance was formed in 2009 by the co-founders of ESCA, as well as the Consumer Electronics Supply Chain Academy, the Green Media Summit, Blu-Con and GameSupply conferences. Its mission is to support service providers in building efficiencies in the creation, production and distribution of physical and digital media and entertainment. For more information visit: www.MESAlliance.org

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