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Tesco Entertainment Head to Speak at ESCA

Rob Salter

As part of a series of presentations from leading home entertainment retailers, Tesco Head of Entertainment Rob Salter has joined the speaker list of the ESCA Edge Conference in London on September 29-20.

Key questions the retailers will address include: What needs to be done to keep the consumer focused on packaged media?  How will retailers play a part in the digital world? How can the industry help to boost consumer interest in 3D and Blu-ray? How will online retailing (etail) evolve and what impact will this have on bricks and mortar retail?  And, how important is the packaging itself and what changes are envisaged?

Salter began his career at the Woolworths Group in 1982 as a Management Trainee, served as Managing Director of Handleman UK in 2001, moved to the U.S. to take the position of Group Vice President, Wal-Mart and Global Sourcing, followed by his role as Sales and Marketing Director for EUK where he helped to fill the void left by Commercial Director Ian Foster’s move to Universal. He Joined Tesco in July 2008 as Category Director for Entertainment.

Wednesday 29th September – Registration Opens

The Market by Numbers
In this opening address we set the scene for the conference by looking in detail at the way the market for home entertainment is evolving in Europe, highlighting the opportunities and challenges the industry faces in the years ahead.

Driving Efficiencies in the Supply Chain
Senior studio executives discuss recent moves to improve efficiencies in the physical media supply chain and share their thoughts on future initiatives for improvement, given the changing market structure. From demand planning and returns handling through to just-in-time manufacturing and distribution, the panelists will review all the options.

3D in the Home. What Have We Learned So Far?
Feedback on the early market experience for 3D in the home and a review of the initial consumer response.

European Home Entertainment Industry Green Scorecard
An update on the EU’s progress in going green and what new developments are on the way to advance the sustainable objectives for home entertainment in Europe, inlcluding initiatives on manufacturing, distribution and packaging.

European Retailers Making Inroads to the Digital Consumer
A series of presentations from leading home entertainment retailers addressing different aspects of the business. Key questions our speakers will address include: What needs to be done to keep the consumer focused on packaged media? How will retailers play a part in the digital world? How can the industry help to boost consumer interest in 3D and Blu-ray? How will online retailing (etail) evolve and what impact will this have on bricks and mortar retail? Following these presentations our retail speakers will come together for a panel discussion and respond to questions from the audience.

Modeling our Future: The New Digital Supply Chain
Senior level digital content specialists provide detailed insights into the digital supply chain, the way it is evolving to meet the changing needs of the consumer and how it is responding to competitive challenges.

Unlocking Value in Light of Declining DVD Revenue
Identifying and eliminating overlapping functions across the value chain is the key to reducing costs in today’s home entertainment industry. The presenter offers some new operational opportunities for today’s media executive facing declining DVD revenues.
other companies that have faced similar declining margins and SKU proliferation?

Knowing the Customer
Thought leadership presentation by consumer market analyst/consultant.

Charting a Business Course Through Pirate-Infested Waters
Two piracy experts will share an in-depth look at entertainment content protection and piracy as a “business problem” with a methodical approach for how to understand it, respond to it, and even leverage it. A new strategy and technology solution for an industry-wide risk management wil also be discussed.
Entertainment in the Cloud
There are a number of initiatives to provide Cloud based entertainment enabling the consumer to access any content on any device whenever and wherever it suits them. Ultraviolet (until recently referred to as DECE) is one of the initiatives being proposed to enable this, and a number of leading European companies are signing up to it. A leading executive involved in driving Ultraviolet tells us more and highlights the timescales to cloud-based entertainment becoming a reality.

Thursday 30th September

Getting the Product Out There
Leading replicators and distributors talk about how they are responding to the changing retail landscape and the needs for increased efficiency in getting the product to market. Environmental issues and the need for cost reduction will also be addressed. Additionally, our participants highlight the way they are responding to the digital challenge.

Getting IT right. Information Technology and the Digital Supply Chain
The need for ever increasing efficiencies in the physical and digital supply chain are putting intense pressure on IT systems and solutions with demand planning and the need for better/faster metadata high on the agenda at present. As a result there is a to a growing demand for new planning and measurement tools, centralized data, faster information flows.A series of presentations from IT service providers describe the problems being faced and look at the solutions being put in place.

Making the most of the internet
Growing demand for HD and 3D HD content and the infrastructure limitations of the internet make online content distribution far from being a perfect channel at this point. What are the realities of delivering home entertainment over broadband and what technology developments are on their way to potentially improve the situation? What are the future implications of net neutrality and how are the economic models for delivering content over the internet likely to change?

Understanding the 3D Workflow
3D has been the headline grabber of 2010. 3D BD titles are now starting to appear and many more are planned. The creation and dimensionalization (conversion of 2D titles into 3D) of 3D content is impacting on the service community. In this series of presentations we look at the issues being faced including the impact on menu design, sub titles and captioning, dimensionalization and authoring. What approaches are being followed? What best practices are starting to emerge? How can the industry maximize creative output within realistic timescales and budgets? What new opportunities does this create and what are the investment needs? What are the specific issues to be considered when dimentionalizing titles?

The Impact of the Connected Consumer
With the emergence of connected TVs giving consumers access to online content in the living room and a growing number of personal and mobile connected devices, the way in which consumers access their entertainment is changing rapidly. In this presentation we look at the impact of increased connectivity on established entertainment products and business models

Here’s a list of who will be speaking at ESCA EDGE Europe:

• Gerald Aburrow, Vice President, International Supply Chain Management, Warner Home Video EMEA
• Richard Atkinson, Chief Piracy Specialist, Anti-Piracy Worldwide
• Bob Auger,Technology Correspondant, Cue Supply Chain
• Dr. Maria Bauer, Environmental & Sustainability Officer, Sony DADC
• Kim Bayley, Director General, Entertainment Retailers Association
• Jonathan Beardsworth, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Technicolor Home Entertainment Services, Europe
• Richard Berger, Senior Vice President, Global Digital Strategy and Operations, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
• John Bird, Principal Consultant, Futuresource
• Meindert Boorsma, Partner and Managing Consultant, intelligence for business
• Jim Bottoms, Company Director and Co-founder, Futuresource
• Richard Bron, BluePrint
• Steve Brown, CEO, Cinram
• Andrea Brown-Smatlan, Energy and Climate Focus Area, World Business Council for Sustainable Development
Yves Caillaud, Senior Vice President, EMEA, Warner Home Video and Digital Distribution
• Matthew Carter-Johnson, Global Creative Marketing Director, AGI
• Paul Chesney, Vice President, International Operations, Universal Pictures International Entertainment
• Paul Collard, Vice President Film & Digital Services, Ascent Media Group
• Richard Crampton, Entertainment Trading Manager, Sainsburys Supermarkets
• Natasha Currie, Senior Vice President, International Operations, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
• Sven Deutschman, CEO, EMEA, arvato digital services
• Pete Dodd, Contributing Editor, Cue Entertainment
• Shawn Dubravac, Chief Economist, CEA
• Guy Finley, Director of Community Development, MESA
• Miguel Geli, General Manager, SRS
• Glenn Grube, Global Director, Marketing Services, ModusLink Global Solutions
• Seth Hallen, CEO, Testronic Labs
• Maureen Hughes, Partner, Deloitte Consulting
• David Leeks, Development Director, IMC Services
• Tom Moran, Senior Director Media and Entertainment, Savvis
• Rob Ouldcott, European Account Director, Cinram
• Martin Porter, Executive Director, Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) and Content Delivery & Storage Association (CDSA)
• Rob Salter, Head of Entertainment, Tesco
• Damien Slowey, Anti-Piracy Manager, Disney EMEA
Amy Jo Smith, Executive Director, DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group
• Ben Stanbury, Global Program Manager, IP Protection, Electronic Arts
• Martin Talbot, Managing Director, OCC: Official Charts Company
• Rodrigue Trouillet, Vice President, Technology & Operations EMEA  The Walt Disney Company
• Edwin Van der Meerendonk, Vice President, European Operations, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
• Kevin Wells, Technical Manager, Eyeframe
• Tim Wright, Director for Technology, Sony Pictures Entertainment

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Direct Dial: +1 (310)-823-5805


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