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Santa Clara University Researchers Join HITS Program

The author of a landmark Wall Street Journal article on CEO perceptions of their CIOs will be keynoting at the upcoming Hollywood IT Summit, scheduled for March 17 at the Malibu Campus of Pepperdine University. The article, which was entitled: “Why CIOs Are Last Among Equals,” posed the question: Are CIOs doomed to forever be second-class citizens among top executives? The lead presenter, Pete DeLisi, is academic dean of the Information Technology Leadership Program at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara; he and his research team will be giving a first report on the surprising results from his group’s recent interview study of CEOs on their IT strategies and executives.

Transforming The Entertainment Business: The IT Way

Organized by the Hollywood IT Society (HITS), the Hollywood IT Summit (also called HITS) on the 17th of March, 2011 at the Drescher Campus of Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, is a one-day event with multiple tracks and break-out sessions built around three basic themes:

Theme 1: Solving Strategic and Tactical Issues of the Entertainment Industry
Theme 2: IT Solutions for the Online & Digital World
Theme 3: Transformation of IT Business for Business Optimization

The stakeholders of the Conference are the senior executives of Management Information Systems, Finance, Operations, Supply Chain Management (Purchasing, Manufacturing, Logistics, Distribution, Customer Service) and Sales and Marketing of entertainment companies. In addition, technology solutions and business development representatives are expected to participate from Management Consulting, IT Enterprise Software, IT Software Service, B2B Network Service, Hardware, Business Intelligence, BPO Service, Digital Service companies and academia. Jeff Mirich, SVP and CIO of the Walt Disney Studios and Devendra Mishra, Chief Strategist of MESA, serve as the Co-Chairmen of the conference. The event is being co-produced by HITS, the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA), Pepperdine University and Variety Magazine.

Here’s a list of the session topics:

Transformation of Businesses Utilizing IT Resources: The Strategic Imperative!
• Leveraging Shared Solutions Developed by Studios: Deployment of 3rd Party SaaS and BPO Services
• Studio CIO Panel: The Strategic Challenges for Growth and Profitability of the Entertainment Industry
• Universal Media ID: The Rosetta Stone of Ubiquitous Trading
• Outsourcing IT Functions: Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs
• Integrated Supply Chains Across Trading Partners
• Web 2.0 Digital Marketing System: From Digital Cinema to DVD
• New Frontiers in SOA Applications
• Getting Social with Media: Connecting with the Community
• Media Value Chain Integration to Strengthen Revenue Streams
• Leveraging Social Media and Analytics over the Content Lifecycle
• Why CIOs Are Last Among Equals? Lessons from an Information Technology Leadership Laboratory


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