The Hollywood IT Society (HITS) is a community of IT Technologists representing the Studios of the MPA and supporting information technology partners which includes:

• MPA member studios (& other significant non-MPA member studios)

• Supporting key media services providers

• Software vendors, and

• Services firms


• To enable the business transformation of the entertainment industry through information technology by developing, advancing, and disseminating best technology, practices, knowledge, and research for the physical and digital media.

• To foster the development of supply chain innovations to enable efficient, customer-centric B2B relationships through supply chain management innovations.

• To encourage and promote collaboration in IT solutions for shared and outsourced services.

• To create a community of thought and practice leaders from the business, professional association and academic information through exchange, shared services and collaboration.


To address the systematic challenges and business opportunities of the integrated and automated entertainment enterprise including:

• Supply chain processes

• Production workflows

• Asset management and

• Distribution of digital entertainment content


The themes of the HITS Conference are the following:

• Theme 1: Solving Strategic and Tactical Issues of the Entertainment Industry

• Theme 2: IT Solutions for the Online & Digital World

• Theme 3: Transformation of IT Business forBusiness Optimization

The stakeholders of the HITS Conference are the senior executives of Management Information Systems, Finance, Operations, Supply Chain Management (Purchasing, Manufacturing, Logistics, Distribution, Customer Service) and Sales and Marketing of entertainment companies. In addition, technology solutions and business development representatives are expected to participate from Management Consulting, IT Enterprise Software, IT Software Service, B2B Network Service, Hardware, Business Intelligence, BPO Service, Digital Service companies and academia.

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